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Milky Way, Flagstaff, Arizona

milkyway over Arizona
I took this photo outside Flagstaff Arizona in 2013. It’s one of my favorite pictures, but I only just recently got around to editing it.

Eos 5D MKII, 24mm lens, f2.8, 30sec, ISO-6400


Badwater Basin At Night

HDR badwater basin death valley night

Badwater basin is a salt lake in Death Valley national park. It is usually dried up except for a fairly small body of water close to the entrance of Badwater basin. The low, salty pool at Badwater, is one of the best known and most visited place in Death Valley. It is quite a beautiful place with a lot of variation, sometimes you can see hexagonal salt formations on the ground, sometimes there is a shallow lake.

Or like when I visited, it had fairly recently rained but there was no water left, so the salt was soft and mushy. It reminded me quite a lot of snow!

Sailing Stones Of Racetrack Playa, Death Valley


The Racetrack is one of only three places on Earth where the truly fascinating phenomena known as ‘sailing stones’ exists.
Sailing stones are exactly what it sounds like, stones that move across this plain all by themselves. Sometimes going several hundred meters at a time, suddenly changing direction.


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