Photographs from some of the worlds most interesting and rare places, as well as the story behind them.

Heart Around Orion

heart of stars around orion

Looking through my photos I stumbled across Something I had not previously noticed. The clearing in the thin layer of clouds that encircles the constellation Orion in this picture looks a lot like a heart.

I think it looks quite beautiful.

I am in no way superstitious, and I don’t believe the universe has the time nor the capability to give us petty humans ‘signs’, but sometimes coincidences can be very beautiful.

Usually I would have seen this picture and went ‘hmm, neat’, then moved on. But as it happens I took this picture sometime during the week when I first began chatting with my current girlfriend.

Therefore this picture is particularly pretty to me, but I hope you also enjoyed it.



The blot of light that can be seen the picture is the Orion Nebula. It looks something like this through a small telescope.





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