Photographs from some of the worlds most interesting and rare places, as well as the story behind them.

Heart Around Orion

heart of stars around orion

Looking through my photos I stumbled across Something I had not previously noticed. The clearing in the thin layer of clouds that encircles the constellation Orion in this picture looks a lot like a heart.

I think it looks quite beautiful.


Super Zoomable HDR Of Arabic Desert At Night

HDR arabian night

This picture was taken in the desert of Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Arabic deserts are famous for being particularly beautiful at night, I tend to agree.

Badwater Basin At Night

HDR badwater basin death valley night

Badwater basin is a salt lake in Death Valley national park. It is usually dried up except for a fairly small body of water close to the entrance of Badwater basin. The low, salty pool at Badwater, is one of the best known and most visited place in Death Valley. It is quite a beautiful place with a lot of variation, sometimes you can see hexagonal salt formations on the ground, sometimes there is a shallow lake.

Or like when I visited, it had fairly recently rained but there was no water left, so the salt was soft and mushy. It reminded me quite a lot of snow!


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