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Sailing Stones Of Racetrack Playa, Death Valley


The Racetrack is one of only three places on Earth where the truly fascinating phenomena known as ‘sailing stones’ exists.
Sailing stones are exactly what it sounds like, stones that move across this plain all by themselves. Sometimes going several hundred meters at a time, suddenly changing direction.


Unfortunately it had recently rained when I visited the racetrack, so most of the actual tracks had been washed away. Nonetheless, it was still a spectacular sight.

These sailing stones have often been linked to superstitious beliefs. And only recently did science manage to explain it, as well as capture it in action.

Here’s a short explanation, the video can be found below:

“Occasionally, during cold winter months, moisture will collect and form shallow ponds in Racetrack Playa and sub-zero temperatures will cause these ponds to freeze.
Later in the day, when the sun rises and the weather warms up, these frozen ponds will fracture and break apart as the surface ice begins to melt.
As the newly-liquified water flows across the ground, it moves large ice chunks along with it. Collisions between these massive ice sheets and the stones on the desert floor are what propel them along the ground, causing them to leave tracks. ”

Here are some more photos from Racetrack Playa

Racetrack playa  death valley

The Racetrack playa  death valley

racetrack ground photo

stone in the middle of Racetrack playa  death valley

sailig stone Racetrack playa  death valley



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